Conversion of a house with attached barn into two residential units, TG

The clients would like a modern conversion of an existing farm house into a house that benefits multiple generations.continue reading

A Review of the Projects in 2021

I can look back on a thoroughly successful first business year. During the course of 2021 I found myself in the favourable position of having many different and exciting projects to work on. These were done partly in collaboration with other firms. At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to the various clients, owner-builders … continue reading

Public use Schloss Luxburg, Egnach TG

The Luxburg Castle in Egnach, canton Thurgau, needs your support to awaken from its winter sleep. A localcontinue reading

The existing buildings in Switzerland – time for an update

It’s the Swiss mentality to build – literally –for “100 years”, and for this reason, the existing building fabric here compares very favourably to the rest of the world in terms of quality. In the past, care was taken to ensure that investments made in real estate were sustainable. Thiscontinue reading