Public use Schloss Luxburg, Egnach TG

Das Schloss Luxburg sucht Ihre Unterstützung, um es aus dem Dornröschenschlaf zu erwecken. Eine Interessensgemeinschaft bemüht sich, das Gebäude zu neuem Glanz zu verhelfen. Hier soll ein Ort für Begegnung, Kultur und Bildung entstehen, im Zeichen der regionalen Nachhaltigkeit. Unter dem folgendem Link können Sie mehr zu dem Projekt erfahren: Informationen zum Projekt Projekt in … continue reading

Building envelope renovation study of a single-family house, Arbon

With regard to the client's plan to renovate the building envelope of the single-family house from 1970s, we examined various approaches.continue reading

Insight into the partial renovation of a single-family house, Arbon

It doesn’t always have to be a total renovation, sometimes targeted sensitive interventions are enough to create a contemporary living space.continue reading

The existing buildings in Switzerland – time for an update

It’s the Swiss mentality to build – literally –for “100 years”, and for this reason, the existing building fabric here compares very favourably to the rest of the world in terms of quality.continue reading

Alteration and renovation of a penthouse, Arbon (TG)

The penthouse flat of an apartment building built in the seventies was subject to a complete renovation. The existing storage room was dispensed with in favour of a larger kitchen.continue reading

Attic conversion, Neuhausen (SH)

The longish four-storey apartment building, built in the 1960s, had the potential to generate more revenue by converting the attic into studio apartments. Thanks to the steep gable roof, the prerequisites for the conversion into studio apartments were given. By installing new dormer windows, additional floor space could be created. Two additional 2 ½ and 3 ½ roomed studio apartments were gained.continue reading

Restoration of a historical building, Steinebrunn (TG)

The two-storey, elongated half-timber building with a steep gable roof and a core which is presumed to date back to the 17th century was demolished down to the original supporting structure, and then rebuilt. The building was extended on one side.continue reading

Alteration to kitchen and bathroom, Arbon (TG)

The house built in bungalow-style with an interior design and room layout from the nineteen seventies was no longer in line with modern aspirations. The objective was to create, physically and visually, a flowing transition from the kitchen to the living and dining areas, generating a new feeling of spaciousness.continue reading