New single-family home in Mauren, TG

Benchmark Planung GmbH, in collaboration with Bötschi Architektur SIA GmbH, was commissioned to plan a single-family house in the small rural village of Mauren in the canton of Thurgau. 

The brief was to produce a preliminary design and to accompany this through to the building permit stage.

On the plot of more than three thousand square metres there is an existing half-timbered homestead built in 1888 with an attached barn and paddock. The terrain rises gently from the road and then sharply towards the rear neighbour.

The owners, an elderly couple, wanted to build a new house that would be more suitable for their age. The new house was to be built away from the existing farmhouse, with a gabled roof and timber cladding to blend in with the existing farmhouse and its surroundings.

The new single-family house has three levels. The basement at street level contains the entrance area with hallway, a large double garage with bicycle parking, the technical room, the cellar with washing and drying facilities and the lift access to the upper floors.

The floor plans are designed so that the ground floor and top floor can be converted into two separate units if required. Access to all floors, including the top floor, is guaranteed at all times by means of stairs and a lift.

The rooms, kitchen and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Large picture windows allow plenty of light into the interior, and a spacious terrace and balcony on the upper floor complete the appearance of the new building.

Benchmark Planung GmbH extends its thanks to the client and to Bötschi Architektur SIA GmbH for the smooth, uncomplicated collaboration.

Project information

Area of expertise Architecture, preliminary project to building permit
Year2022 / 2023