Build out of necessity

Building should be a matter of necessity, not profit.

Currently, construction activity remains high. This is a positive signal because it means that the economy is robust and developments are taking place in both the public and private sectors. These developments ultimately benefit the population as a whole.

What I consider a very worrying development, however, is that too many natural areas are still being lost to development. This is a trend that has been going on for several decades, despite calls from certain political and social circles to curb or even stop urban sprawl. Little has been done in recent years to curb this land gluttony.

Construction is taking place to meet demand. 

Nevertheless, the question arises as to what demand is actually being met here?

Is it always just a question of tackling the housing shortage, or is there another need that is being met? A need that has nothing to do with people, let alone the environment, and everything to do with profit? Could it be that building is often only done to generate more profit?

The housing shortage in cities and urban centres is partly addressed, but often construction is taking place in rural areas where there is little need for housing. Is building taking place because the money of wealthy individuals and corporations needs to be invested wisely at the expense of the environment and future generations?

In return for the construction activities, the environmental question arises. The media report on insect mortality and the alarming decline in biodiversity. There is also the issue of CO2 emissions, which are also caused by construction, causing global warming with melting glaciers and polar ice caps. Yet construction continues unabated. 

Yet construction continues unabated.

It is clear that a rethink is urgently needed.

Yes, building should continue, but not at the expense of future generations. Construction needs to be driven and managed differently. 

Es liegt auf der Hand, die gute Bausubstanz hier in der Schweiz zu nutzen. Sie können einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Umwelt leisten, wenn Sie sich für einen Um-, An- oder Aufbau entscheiden, anstatt Ihre bestehende Immobilie abzureissen oder gar Ackerland zu erschliessen. 

Should you decide to convert or extend, I will be happy to help you with your building project. Just give me a call.