Alteration and renovation of a penthouse, Arbon (TG)

The penthouse flat of an apartment building built in the seventies was subject to a complete renovation. The existing storage room was dispensed with in favour of a larger kitchen.

The emphasis of the renovation was on the interior. The only change to the façade was the installation of a new glass door in the exterior wall of the former storage room, which was to serve as a new connection between the living area and the spacious roof terrace. The finishes were upgraded, and the parquet floor was freshened up. The walls and ceilings received a new coat of paint.

After the alteration

The integration of the ancillary rooms with the kitchen and bathrooms, combined with the new access to the roof terrace, means the flow of the apartment is improved, making it brighter and more spacious.

Information pertaining to the project

Through careful planning, the underused sections of the apartment were integrated into the living area in the best possible way, thus upgrading the attic apartment and providing more living space.

Area of expertise interior architecture, alteration und renovation
Project in supporting cooperation

With construction manager, Rüdiger Sielisch