Restoration of a historical building, Steinebrunn (TG)

The two-storey, elongated half-timber building with a steep gable roof and a core which is presumed to date back to the 17th century was demolished down to the original supporting structure, and then rebuilt. The building was extended on one side.

After the building was laid bare to the supporting structure, the reconstruction and extension work commenced. In close cooperation with the Office for Monument Preservation, care was taken that the original appearance was retained without compromising the comfort of modern living. At the same time, care was taken to adhere to the statutory provisions on energy efficiency, regulations to sound emission and fire protection guidelines.

Taking inventory

The first step was an on-site inspection, followed by taking inventory of the whole building. The key data collected had to be absolutely accurate, as this formed the basis for the subsequent renovation and the planning thereof.

During the conversion

Despite an exact analysis of the existing building, there is always room for the unforeseen, which is often exposed during construction. Sometimes this requires a change of plan or adjustments made on site.

After the alteration

Bright, modern apartments were created out of this dilapidated property. The renewed coffered wooden ceilings, stucco plaster elements and exposed wooden beams all added to the charm of what was once an old farmhouse. The hearth, which was completely overhauled, underlines the successful integration of the old with the new.

Project information

The result of the successful renovation, conversion and extension were four modern condominiums, which have modern amenities and adhere to today’s standard of energy efficiency.

Area of expertisearchitecture, complete renovation and addition
Year2015 – 2016
Project in employment

Project in cooperation with Bötschi Architekturbüro SIA GmbH, Romanshorn