Conversion of a house with attached barn into two residential units, TG

The clients would like a modern conversion of an existing farm house into a house that benefits multiple generations.

The existing property dates back to about 1828/34. During the course of time two extension were made to the original house. One was a barn, which included a cow shed, the other was an extension the existing house. The present aim is to create two independent apartments from the existing house, the underutilised attic floor and cow shed, whereby the volume of the abandoned barn is seen as a covered outdoor space and extension to the living area.

In future the multi-generation house will accommodate an independent apartment with a separate entrance for the seniors on the ground floor. Where the existing constructions allows, the requirements for barrier-free construction will be implemented.

The juniors have their own entrance to their apartment on the upper and attic floor. Access is through the large barn door. An industrial spiral staircase leads onto the roof of the former cowshed, now part of the decked outdoor area and leads to the entrance of the second residential unit.

In view of the planned expansion of the derelict attic, the owners will not only gain more living area, but will forthwith have a stunning view of Lake Constance and simultaneously due to the new thermal insulation of the attic space, loose less thermal energy. The results are lower heating costs and thanks to the new thermal insulation government subsides can be claimed.

Information pertaining to the project

Area of expertise Architecture, conversion and refurbishment
Statuspreliminary project